We've launched our new campaign for OPG US

We've launched our new campaign for OPG US


Ceri Perkins
Ceri Perkins
Chief Experience Officer




Our new film series ‘Your Voice, Your Decision’ launches today to challenge myths around Lasting Power of Attorney

Our new campaign for The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is today launching today to tackle the myth that family members can automatically make important financial and medical decisions on a loved one’s behalf if they lose the capacity to make decisions themselves.

The campaign follows the release of shocking figures that show a number of misconceptions around the rights that family members hold:

72% incorrectly believe their next of kin always gets the final say in treatment decisions if a person is unable to make decisions for themselves
73% incorrectly believe that if a couple have a joint bank account and their home is in joint names, one person can legally make the decisions for the other if they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves
Only a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can provide people with the legal ability to give those they trust the power to make decisions on their behalf if they lose mental capacity.

At the heart of our new campaign, called ‘Your Voice, Your Decision’, is a series of films created by award winning documentary makers Saul & Josh from Agile Productions, that show real life stories of those who are using an LPA to preserve their unique family bond.

The first film focuses on Emma, who has brought up her son Martin and his brother on her own. In her words, her sons have always been her life and now as Emma’s getting older she wants to know that should something happen, her boys can also be her voice.

In the second film we meet Ken. Ken has always been a rock for his mum Alice – ever since her husband passed away. Now she’s dealing with vascular dementia, Ken can legally make important decisions for Alice should she need.

Each film will be hosted on the OPG’s Lasting Power of Attorney campaign page. Accompanying the series will be posters and social media work, as well as a simple instructional video that shows how starting an LPA can be quick and straightforward.

Lucy Denton, Head of Communications at OPG says: “Everyone should have the opportunity to plan for their future on their own terms, with the people they trust the most. We want everyone to be aware of how they can do this with a Lasting Power of Attorney. That’s why we’re launching this campaign to raise awareness of LPAs and counter some of the common misconceptions around them.”