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Visit Britain

Showing visitors another side of Britain

the task

The travel industry in Britain has missed out on two summers worth of bookings. Our campaign was developed with recovery in mind, giving us an advantage post-pandemic, and welcoming visitors back to Britain 

Informed imagination

Welcome to another side of Britain

This campaign targeted buzzseekerswe wanted to inspire to see Britain differently – as a vibrant, ever-changing place full of thrills and surprises. 

Britain is a constantly buzzing place that’s dynamic, diverse, and full of interesting and unique experiences. Our focus was showcasing the people of Britain in our comms and the kaleidoscope of experiences that “buzzseekers” can enjoy, packed into a small island and all just hours away from each other.

Visible Data

Research told us that people thought they already knew Britain, knew what they would see and experience on their visit, and considered it a ‘museum of things to see one day’ with no urgency to visit. 

We also found that more than 70% of our audience who wanted to travel to Britain were looking for unique experiences, including food, scenery, and iconic tourist attractions and places. This data offered us the best opportunity to show the world another side of Britain.

Visible Tech

Our audience over-indexes on social media, and the best way to inspire them is through digital channels and social platforms.


How CXM lit the fuse for VisitBritain

‘Welcome to another side of Britain’ was their most successful campaign to increase awareness and consideration to visit globally.


awareness increase in the buzzseeker segment


awareness increase in the US


increase in net consideration to visit Britain in France and Germany

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