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Bringing to life radical new ways to buy and own a car through digital transformation

the task

Revolutionize the way the three Stellantis brands, Peugeot, Citroën, and DS, engage a wide cross-section of customers and transform the car buying experience through automation.

Informed imagination

Segmented stories

Segmentation, transformation, and integration are at the heart of our output for Stellantis – using data to inform our communication through CRM. This approach has been brought to life in our Just Add Fuel campaign, where we segmented parents and 18+ prospects for whom it is notoriously costly to obtain car insurance.  

Reveal your new car

For customers coming to the end of their 3-year lease, we contacted them using Direct Mail with QR to reveal new model options, linking them to a seamless online car buying experience where they can configure, visit our ‘virtual showroom and discover offers. 

Tailored and localized

Our ongoing CRM program takes centralized brand assets and localizes them for UK markets, tailoring them to local insights and needs during huge changes within the car industry with the advent of EVs. 

visible data

Getting to know audiences through data

We connected, enhanced, and enriched first-party data to provide a 360-degree view of prospects. We developed a customer-led, multi-organization and product segmentation positioning that connected the client’s data and allowed us to provide a more precise view of the customer profile for each model. We did this by creating six overarching audience segments (SUV, City Car, Saloon, Mini Hatch, Estates, Couples) distributed across the three different brands—and segmented 108 personalized audience types. We then use data signals to target our audiences precisely. 

But this is only the beginning…

We are helping Stellantis build a shared data ecosystem that not only influences how they talk to customers but also informs how they are structured as an organization and how they invest in media and technology. Using first-party data, we are building brand new customer experiences that will introduce Stellantis customers to a world of seamless, tailored mobility, ensuring Stellantis stays ahead of the changing world of car ownership.

visible tech

Automation to better talk and target prospects

This allows us to deliver actionable insight and segmentation through automation in Salesforce and digital platforms to provide CRM, digital activity, and media recommendations at both national and local levels, helping us target our audiences in any channel we choose.


How CXM lit the fuse for Stellantis

Enhancing segmentation and targeting at scale through automation technology has delivered strong results across the three brands.


Campaign ROI


Loyalty rate




Incremental annual sales

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