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How Sonova delivered health solutions throughout the world

the task

Sonova, a global leader in audiological care wanted their retail hearing care division to embrace remote audiology with its obvious business benefits. Appointments can be held on screen, with adjustments made to the users hearing device there and then. There is now no need to visit a branch meaning customers can easily sort any issues they have, and branches can see and help a wider number of people. The task was to get customers and audiologists excited about it and also explain how it works to subside fears and issues.

Informed imagination

“Treat them in the comfort of their happy place.”

Show customers that it’s not just about having appointments anywhere, it’s having them at a place and time you choose where you feel comfortable and happy.

visible data

Behaviour change

The pandemic accelerated the already rapidly growing tele-medicine trend, however both audiologists and patients were wary.
¾ of the audiologists were reticent in offering this service, often citing their clients’ needs that it would not be suitable. 84% of patients were over 55 and didn’t feel technically savvy.

visible tech

This audience, over the years have been adopting tech for services such as shopping, banking, and booking holidays. Importantly, due to covid, they’re now adept at videoconferencing with their families and so are used to conversing with people on screen.

Digital delivers the breadth of information

To deliver messaging that resonated with both audiologists and customers, the campaign had a strong digital presence. Multiple social films were created, explaining the benefits of remote audiology and what it was and how it worked – ensuring that all questions this audience may have had were answered. Our digital banners and social media posts allowed us to show customers in different happy places, whether it’s on their sofa at home, at work or on holiday.


How CXM lit the fuse for Sonova

The campaign launched in New Zealand to great success. Key targets were exceeded, and the campaign was adopted by multiple territories across the globe.

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