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Forcing re-evaluation of commercial mail

the task

Mail has been overlooked for too long at the expense of faster and cheaper digital options. Marketreach wanted people to realise the power of direct mail with a bold new approach.

Informed Imagination

Unleash the magic of mail

Mail is a highly effective and creative medium – it can deliver spectacular results. The idea helped us to break out of boring media channel tropes to create an emotionally resonant and disruptive campaign.

OOH targeting media land

OOH media was bought in areas of the country with high densities of creative and media agencies to talk directly to key decision makers.

visible data

More effective than ever

Qual and quant research & analysis gave us conclusive and compelling evidence about mail’s effectiveness including its role in the home.

Keeping customers in the loop

An e-zine keeps prospects and customers informed about the latest surprising developments. 

visible tech

Integrating the website and social journey

The rebranding and creative idea have taken the customer experience through the digital journey too. The precise targeting of LinkedIn, Twitter etc. enabled us to talk to senior marketers, their agencies and other industry opinion leaders.

Campaign to takeover Campaign

We worked with Campaign to create a homepage takeover on the day of the launch – reaching thousands of our core target audience.



How CXM lit the fuse for Marketreach

Marketreach’s awareness is now greater than Thinkbox.


increase in awareness, overtaking Thinkbox


views on Youtube with nearly a third ‘long views’


consideration growth

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