Bringing emotion back to the gifting of flowers

the task

Differentiate Interflora by showcasing the evocative power of flowers, and Interflora’s unique florists, in a diverse campaign reflecting modern Britain.

Informed Imagination


This idea brings to life the thoughtful journey from consideration through purchase to the delightful moment of receipt – a moment created by Interflora’s florists and captured by Rankin photography.

Work made with passion

Behind every Interflora story is a passionate and skilled florist who has dedicated their life to making magical moments for people with flowers. This film tells their stories.

visible data

The power of flowers

Data provided the insight that flowers are the only gift that results in a genuine smile 100% of the time. Segmentation let the focus to be on Rachel, a 30 something with high disposable income.


Bringing emotion to the moment of purchase

Interflora is not a choice associated with cheap and easy flowers. It is a choice of consideration and love. Bringing the campaign onto the website brings the emotion of giving flowers to the shopping experience. 

visible tech

Adding flower love to CRM

An ESP with interaction tracking enabled email optimisation via dynamic content. Eg dialling up the offer using a card mechanic.

Seizing the social opportunity

#ShareSomethingReal is quite literally created for the social age. Perfecting the execution for the various social formats created strong engagement, especially where film was used.


How CXM lit the fuse for Interflora

The increased differentiation and distinctiveness has meant that key purchase occasions (e.g. Valentine’s & Mother’s Day) are at maximum capacity.

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