Electoral Commission

Encouraging people to vote by asking for 5 minutes of their time

the task

Encourage all who are eligible to vote, to be able to vote by building the register base ahead of local, General and European elections. Previous campaigns had focused on telling people they were missing out by not registering to vote – a straight forward loss aversion strategy. But this message wasn’t working hard enough for a key audience – those disengaged from the voting process.

informed imagination

Got 5?

We re-framed registering to vote as a simple admin task, that could be addressed in 5 minutes or less. We developed a series of short films highlighting tasks in which people could use spare time to register to vote.

Visible data

Revealing mobility, not apathy

By bringing together our data, channel and comms planning teams, we relooked at the data and unearthed the audience insight that under-registered groups were united not by their disinterest in politics, as previously thought, but by their likelihood to have recently moved house. Simply, the task of re-registering had fallen off the to-do list. Using this intel, we set out to reposition the registration process as a quick and simple admin task.


How CXM lit the fuse for the Electoral commission

As a result of the Got 5 campaign registrations and encouragement to register saw a a huge increase.


completed applications, against 364,000 target.


people registered to vote or encouraged friends and family in 2021.


young people registered to vote, or encouraged friends and family to.


18-24 year olds – who may have needed to register for the first time – took action.


recent movers took action.

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