Elanco - A personalised Reminders programme, ‘Your Pet & You’ Elanco - A personalised Reminders programme, ‘Your Pet & You’


A personalised Reminder programme, ‘Your Pet & You’

the task

Create a bond between pet parents and Elanco, by assisting and encouraging dosage, allowing pets to thrive at home and out and about.

Informed Imagination

Celebrating ‘Big Little Wins’

We celebrated the many wins owners and pets experience along their life journey together. These can be dosing on time, correctly adjusting doses, acknowledging milestones, and even new tricks and exercise routines. We used emotive photography, engaging typography and design, a fun, emotive tone of voice, and allowed pet parents to personalise their comms through selecting pet emojis.

visible data

Understanding the pet life cycle

Detailed journey mapping allowed us to understand each stage of the pet lifecycle and the relevant medication usage. The data driven digital reminders service was designed to work against 36 touchpoints on the consumer journey.

Visible tech

Keeping it personal

YourPet&You is hyper-personalised, so that the programme brings in the customer’s pet name, eg. ‘Stanley&You’. We created a series of pet emojis allowing members to choose the one that most resembles their pet, which appears at relevant touchpoints and even celebrates when they dose! The pet emoji allows Elanco to engage with audiences in a category where purchase and usage are low frequency, to build an emotional bond.

A loyalty and reminders programme

Through a reminders programme which employed personalisation on the ‘YourPet&You’ website and through email, we were able to provide owners with tools to ensure their pets are regularly and correctly dosed. The personalisation engine and reminder triggers let audiences set their personal dose and repurchase dates, closing the all-important sales loop with links to where to buy.

Scaling up

We brought together multiple products across two Elanco brands, Credelio and Bravecto, consolidating brands to one new system.  We are helping Elanco move from legacy systems to Salesforce for the more nuanced journeys that will be triggered by this progressive profiling. Built from scratch, starting with an MVP in the US. and adopting an agile test and learn approach, the engagement program is now moving to scale and rolling out to the entire customer database with new acquisition audiences being added.


How CXM lit the fuse for Elanco

We have built a three year loyalty program roadmap using staged agile building blocks. This has enabled quick launches to priority USA audiences.  Strategic and focused testing of key assets are already informing future build requirements for scaling customer engagement around dosing, new products, with a view to global roll out.

Across the test audience, we have seen a “50% open rate on pilot launch emails”, and early research has indicated a “huge initial interest in the new program from core audiences”.

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