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the task

To drive digital and data transformation to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of their gifting.  

To drive the Dartmouth Advancement team to create a multi-channel stakeholder focused experience that inspires lifelong engagement, advocacy and gifting to Dartmouth’s programs. 


DNA Made by Dartmouth 

Only people who’ve been to Dartmouth can truly understand it. It’s more than a college; it’s a lifelong bond. Using this powerful connection to support Gifting will, in turn, give others the opportunity to have the life-changing experience that you had. Amongst our mixed breed of creatives, strategists, technologists, data experts, and the people who support and bring it all together, you’ll find over 60 of us working happily from home and at our new offices on Fifth Avenue and in Bow Street. As well as our MBAstack colleagues, we connect daily on projects with relevant experts from the wider MSQ family.

visible data

Number of donors growth

In 2022- 2023 we grew donors from 93k to 101k, a 9% growth

That is 60% of Alumni gifting and engaging regardless of their current wealth status (40% of all donations are for $500 or less).

visible tech

Building tech capabilities to deliver highly targeted digital communications driving an optimized web experience for gifting conversion.


How CXM lit the fuse for Dartmouth 


total donors


alumni participation 


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